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Fashionable Attendees @MIFashfest 2014 Modern Man Showcase & Best Dressed Contest #dressupdetroit #menswear #detroit #fashion

On February 26, 2014 some fashionably, brave souls gathered at the Music Hall's Jazz Cafe for the 3rd Annual Michigan FASH FEST Modern Man Showcase and Best Dressed Contest.  I say brave because it was freezing cold outside, nevertheless, the event was well attended!  Which is no surprise to me because I absolutely love the events given by Michigan Fashion Art Sound History Fest.  Each event is Fashion Industry Standard with a unique multi-sensory twist and the Modern Man Showcase and Best Dressed Contest was a sterling example of the awesomeness of Mi FASH Fest!  

Case in point, before I could really take in the beautiful Music Hall entryway my eyeballs were caressed by the sight of 4 impeccable groomed male models in perfectly tailored tuxedos flanking the staircases.  Then my noise took in the yummy aroma from the gourmet food, and my ears heard the beautiful melody coming from Nicole News. Finally my eyes feasted on the fashionable attendees, contestants, and menswear enthusiasts.

Anthony, Antonio Salon & Spa

Nick, YACHT Club Republic

Corey, Design With Vision Elegant Interiors


Marcus & Ikhonic Designer, Khon


Michael M.

Best Dressed Man 2014 Winner - Nelson & Tony

I loved the fit, colors, texture, use of accessories, and the attention to detail in these gentleman's ensembles.  The judges said they had a hard time choosing winner and I had to agree with them all of the guys looked amazing.  There were also some ladies that flexed their style muscles by wearing menswear inspired looks.  I loved how each of these ladies owned their menswear inspired look, while still looking Ladylike.  



Nicole, Songstress

Leslie, Presence II Productions, MI FASH Fest, Master Mind

Head over to Michigan FASH Fest to see more about this event and to learn more about the Michigan Fashion Art Sound Art History mission.

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  1. Nice! love how the women added a feminine touch to menswear.

  2. Yes i'm take some style lessons from them and try it this spring


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